Check out those useful fishing gear!

Check out those useful fishing gear!

There are so many kinds of things we need to go fishing that it is inevitable that we will buy some useless equipment, both novice and experienced.


Anglers have different cognition and demand for equipment depending on the "stage" they are in. It may be worth it if you think it is worth it on a whim. If you think it's not worth it, it's not worth it. There's no constant standard.


I think as long as you can buy according to your personal needs and financial ability.


Anglers must have spent a lot of money on all kinds of equipment for fishing. Looking back from the present point of view, what do you think is worth the money to buy wild fishing equipment? What is not worth the money?



In terms of bait, there is never a so-called magic bait, only pertinence and practicality. Each person faces different resources, environments, and fish conditions, as well as different selection and preparation methods, and the fishing effect may be different. All kinds of bait are varied, but the overall taste is similar.

There are no absolute requirements for purchase. Try to buy some well-known brand products. It does not mean that the formulas of these products are very unique and can help us to fish more. It's just that these products have large sales volume, short sales cycles, and are relatively fresh, and it is not easy to buy expired products.

For example, some small manufacturers only have good advertising, attractive gimmicks, and low sales volume. If these baits are left for too long or even expired, it will definitely affect fishing.




Fishermen have spent a lot of money trying various additives and medicines in wild fishing. The result of the experiment was that it was not able to attract more fish. Since the effect is not obvious, you can save it.

If you choose the wrong one or don't grasp the scale well, if the amount is too large, there will be a certain risk of driving away all the fish. Therefore, it is not recommended for novices to use and buy it in wild fishing.


fish hook, fishing line

The hook and line are the closest thing to the fish. We should pay more attention to selection when purchasing.

The choice of the hook size, strength, sharpness; the tension value of the fishing line, the elongation, and even the density of the fishing line... If there are problems in these aspects, it will have a great impact on fishing. In the same way, the smoothness of the figure-eight ring and the flexibility of rotation also have a relatively large impact on fishing. These should be of good quality.



Maybe many anglers are very willing to spend a lot of money on buying floats when they start fishing. I think that expensive floats are definitely more helpful for fishing and can fish more than others.

The key lies in the use of people. As long as you can find the bottom when adjusting the float, you can catch fish with expensive floats and cheap floats, and there is almost no big difference.



fishing rod

The selection of fishing rods should be viewed from two perspectives. First, look at the resources, look at the environment (fishing far and near), look at the target fish, etc., and comprehensively look at the applicability and practicality of the fishing rod. The other is to look at personal preferences. Some fishermen like to buy the full size. Buying a rod is to buy a happy one. How happy you are, you can't talk about the price/performance ratio.

Now many anglers are influenced by the fishing gear evaluation video. When purchasing a fishing rod, they feel that the heavier the weight of the fishing rod, the larger the volume and the higher the hardness, the better the fishing rod will be. He didn't even think about the fish situation of the resources he was in. The last fishing rod purchased can only be left at home.




Solar panels

Everyone has encountered the situation of fishing all day long and running out of mobile phone battery. This is very inconvenient for contacting others and taking photos to share fishing results. In my opinion, a solar panel charged by solar energy is enough to support mobile phone charging and various small outdoor electrical equipment. You can even bring solar panels and power stations and pans to fry fish. Add your fishing fun. This kind of solar panel can be charged even when wet by spray.This is my newfound outdoor fishing charging kit recently. Its usefulness is far beyond my imagination.

Rods, fish guards, etc.

As for poles, fish guards and the like, I think practicality is the most important thing, and there is no need to pursue expensive ones.

Buying equipment for fishing is based on personal needs and economic ability. Buying the most cost-effective equipment can enhance the fishing experience!


What is your opinion on buying equipment for fishing? Welcome to leave a comment.

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