Why Choose Us

Why choose us

  1. U.S. photovoltaic anti-dumping whitelisted companies

  2. Advantages of large-scale production

  3. Mature supply chain advantage

  4. Quality advantage

  5. After-sales guarantee service advantages


U.S.-China Double Anti-dumping Whitelisted Companies

Generally, there is an "anti-dumping" tax for solar-related products exported to the United States, and the tax rate is about 250%. In 2019, our company passed the anti-dumping photovoltaic whitelist of the US Department of Commerce. Exporting solar products to the United States through our company will cost approximately It only needs about 40%, which greatly reduces the cost of taxes and fees.

To exports to other countries ( except the United States), only normal customs declaration is required.


Advantages of large-scale production

The industry's most complete, largest and most productive factory

A 500㎡ high-efficiency business office and a 12,000㎡ workshop meets large-scale production.

The 50-person elite business team combines with relevant matching personnel to provide professional guidance and services.

A team of high-end technical engineers independently designed and modified semi-automatic and fully-automatic processing equipment

Strict quality control and production control.


Mature supply chain advantage

15 years of experience has accumulated and formed a mature and complete supply chain

Flexible and changeable to meet the product demand, price demand and quality demand of all types of customers.

Strictly select raw materials and suppliers, form a complete management system for material price, time, and quality issues, and show customers the most transparent cost BOM.


Quality advantage

Maintained the TOP10 quality control in the solar energy industry

1) The company has invested a lot of personnel in quality control:

2) Quality control team headed by general manager

3) Equipped with various product testing equipment, such as high and low temperature testing (double 85 testing) 

4) Ultraviolet detection Salt spray detection Power detection, the production line conforms to the international standard ISO9001: 1400


After-sales guarantee service advantages

Starting from the product leaving the warehouse, tracking every link of the goods from transportation, warehousing to delivery to users, our business team provides customers with immediate after-sales service and technical support, and perfect after-sales service


We provide customers with the following services

Product Quality Commitment

Product price commitment

Delivery commitment

After-sales service commitment

Professional guidance training