What ten tools are you going to bring with you to live alone in the wilderness?

What ten tools are you going to bring with you to live alone in the wilderness?

One person, one bag, choose 10 tools to go into the wilderness alone, the last winner will get a million dollars.

I've been watching "ALONE" lately, and the $1 million prize is amazing.

While envious, I can't help but think, if the program team invites me to participate in "ALONE", which ten kinds of equipment should I bring? After careful consideration and research, I have selected the following ten pieces of equipment:



In the wild, the importance of fire is self-evident, the four elements of survival: fire, fresh water, shelter and food. Fire can keep the body warm, cook food, boil water for disinfection, and dry clothes to drive away animals and insects. Drilling wood for fire is a time-consuming and laborious way, wilderness solitude is essentially a test of endurance, carrying a flint can save a lot of energy and time.




Umbrella rope is a lightweight artificial rope, which is an important outdoor survival tool. Usually woven from 32 strands of nylon cord, each nylon cord contains a certain number of threads that can be used separately. So the umbrella line is very useful, not only as a fixed shelter, but also a very reliable climbing tool. After being dismantled, it can be used as a trap for animals or a fishing line.





Tarpaulins are almost mandatory for everyone, and the shelter is covered with a tarpaulin, which can protect against both rain and wind. It's also a good idea to have boats made out of tarpaulins, so make sure you have a large piece of tarpaulins, cut one half to cover the shelter and the other half to make the boat.



The multipurpose engineer shovel is very clever because it is not just a shovel, it also has knives, ice picks, harpoons, flashlights, compasses, flint, etc. One side of the blade can cut wood and trees, and the other side has a serrated blade that can replace the saw. It is a bug-level tool, but I don't know why no one uses it in these episodes of "Wild Alone", only one guy took a single-function shovel, isn't it sold on ebay?




A cold-proof sleeping bag can effectively maintain body temperature, and it is very comfortable to lie in, which is also one of the necessities.



The location of each challenge is close to the sea or lake, so fishing is also a very effective way to get food. A broken line can be used as a fishing line, a branch as a fishing pole, and a hook can increase the probability of harvest.



Because we can use tarpaulins to build boats, we can row out to deep water and net to increase the catch, so the gill net must be the largest and longest.



If you carry your cell phone with you, solar panels can charge your cell phone outside. The more powerful portable solar panels are, the better. They can convert the sun's energy into the electricity you need to make your appliances work.



Salt is a very important condiment, adding salt to food is more delicious. After all, this program needs a long-term operation, three months of challenging time is possible, and it is easier to give up the basic food every day. Salt also provides the body with electrolytes, preventing imbalance. The fluorine contained in salt can play an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal role. Living in the wild environment for a long time can breed bacteria. Occasionally wiping the body with light salt water can keep you healthy.

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