Tips for Choosing Cost-Effective Solar Panels.

Tips for Choosing Cost-Effective Solar Panels.

Portable solar panels are very convenient as they are both light and thin. These were designed to be flexible for comfort in the creation and storage. They are mainly used outdoors.

The use of portable solar panels is popular among travelers and campers since there is no problem with the sun and bulky equipment and solar panel installation is quite easy.


Solar panels use the energy from sunlight by releasing electrons to be collected by the circuits and routed through the proper channels for the supply of electricity in the system. It can be used to power small devices such as recharging of mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets. At home, you can meet the electricity needs of various equipment such as a radio, a microwave oven and refrigerator, among others.

The sunlight is absorbed by a semiconductor material is usually silicon. Although it seems thin, the solar panel is composed of layers of specially treated with specific functions. Solar panels also require extremely high light transmission. ETFE material has high light transmission, so in comparison, the conversion rate is higher with ETFE material panels. MOOLSUN FS200 is a portable solar panel attached ETFE film.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose between different brands of portable solar panels. So to help you choose the right brand that best suits your needs, here are some tips and guidelines.


First, relying on word of mouth to find out which brands are highly recommended from friends, colleagues and neighbors. Conduct an informal interview, and ask your friends about their experiences with solar panels currently used. Also, check online sources to find out what others have to say about their solar panels. Read blogs, participate in discussion forums, articles and move on. If you can't get a valuable evaluation, you can browse the official website of MOOLSUN, we have a detailed description of each product, and also attached the product specification for your reference.

Then when buying portable solar panels, take note of the assurances that come with solar panels. Also, check the size of the panels, the amount of energy that can be generated, and how much they cost. The products in MOOLSUN's official website come with a specification for your reference to ensure that you buy the best product.

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